Energy eXploration Laboratory 

Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics Department 

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 Energy     Lab

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Principal Investigator

Sajjad Bigham

Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering (minor in Material Science and Engineering), 2016, University of Florida

Director, Energy eXploration Laboratory (Energy-X)

Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering Department 

Michigan Tech University

Email: sbigham at mtu dot edu

Graduate Students

To be updated ...

Peter Nguyen 

Ph.D. student, Mechanical Engineering​

Topic: Microscale phase-change heat transfer

(Co-advised with Dr. Kazuya Tajiri)​

Energy-X: Jan. 2017 - present

Masoud Ahmadi

Ph.D. student, Mechanical Engineering​​

Topic: Next-gen. HVAC systems

Energy-X: August 2018 - present   ​

​Ikechukwu (Emmanuel) Okoh

Ph.D. student, Mechanical Engineering​​

Topic: Compact 3D-printed HTHP HXs

Energy-X: August 2018 - present

Sunil Pinnu

M.S. student, Mechanical Engineering​​

Topic: High-efficiency desalination systems

Energy-X: Sept. 2018 - present

Behzad Ahmadi

Ph.D. student, Mechanical Engineering​​

Topic: Compact 3D-printed HTHP HXs

Energy-X: August 2019 - present

Undergraduate Students

Douglas Pedersen

B.S. student, Mechanical Engineering

Topic: Thermal battery

Energy-X: August 2018 - present  

Past Members

Tania Demonte Gonzalez

B.S. student, Mechanical Engineering

Topic: Energy efficiency in buildings 

Energy-X: March 2017 - March 2018 

Leroy Kincannon

B.S. student, Mechanical Engineering

Topic: Next-gen. energy efficient systems   ​

Energy-X: March 2017 - March 2018

Gnana Vishnu Durgam

M.S. student, Mechanical Engineering​

Topic: Enhanced condensation heat transfer

Energy-X: Jan. 2017 - Sept. 2018

Current position: Mechanical designer at RGD consulting engineers, Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Sampath Boyapally

M.S. student, Mechanical Engineering, 2017

Topic: HVAC systems

Energy-X: Feb. 2017 - July 2017

Current position: Application engineer at Hanon Systems, Novi, Michigan​

Venkatesh Narsingrao Mantalwad

M.S. student, Mechanical Engineering, 2017

Topic: HFO-based cooling systems

Energy-X: Jan. 2017 - May 2018

Current position: R&D engineer at Rheem Manufacturing, Fort Smith, Arkansas

Chetan Agarwal

M.S. student, Mechanical Engineering

Topic: Enhanced pool boiling process

Energy-X: Sept. 2017 - June 2019

Current position: Thermal engineer at Amazon, Seattle, WA