Submitted manuscripts (under review)

3. Masoud Ahmadi, Behnam Ahmadi, Sajjad Bigham, “Role of surface texture in moisture removal rate and energy efficiency of liquid-desiccant-based air dehumidifiers”, Applied Energy, under review, 2021. (PDF version)

2. Rasoul Bayaniahangar, Ikechukwu Okoh, Kashif Nawaz, Joseph Cesarano, Sajjad Bigham, “Toward extreme HTHP energy systems: leakage characterization of ceramic 3D-printed modules”, Additive Manufacturing, under review, 2021. (PDF version)

1. Behzad Ahmadi, Joseph Cesarano, Kashif Nawaz, Nikolas Ninos, Sajjad Bigham, “A high-performance lung-inspired ceramic 3D-printed heat exchanger topology for high-temperature energy applications”, Applied Thermal Engineering, under review, 2021. (PDF version)