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Journal papers

19. Physics of microstructures enhancement of thin film evaporation heat transfer in microchannel flow boiling”, S. Bigham, A. Fazeli, S. Moghaddam, Scientific Reports,  Published online on March 17, 2017.   PDF

18. Role of bubble growth dynamics on microscale heat transfer events in microchannel flow boiling process”, S. Bigham, S. Moghaddam, Applied Physics Letter, Vol. 107, Issue 24, 244103-9.   PDF

17. Microscale Layering of Liquid and Vapor Phases within Microstructures for a New Generation Two-Phase Heat Sink”, A. Fazeli, S. Bigham, S. Moghaddam, International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, Vol. 95 (2016) 368-378.   PDF

16. Microscale study of mechanisms of heat transfer during flow boiling in a microchannel”, S. Bigham, S. Moghaddam, International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, Vol. 88 (2015) 111-121.   PDF

15. Impact of micromixing on performance of a membrane-based absorber”, R. N. Isfahani, S. Bigham, M. Mortazavi, S. Moghaddam,  Energy, (2015) 1-8.   PDF

14. Absorption characteristics of falling film LiBr (lithium bromide) solution over a finned structureM. Mortazavi, R. N. Isfahani, S. Bigham, S. Moghaddam, Energy, VOl 87 (2015) 270-278.   PDF

13. Moving beyond the limits of mass transport in liquid absorbent microfilms through the implementation of surface-induced vortices”, S. Bigham, D. Yu, D. Chugh, S. Moghaddam, Energy, Vol. 65 (2014) 621-630.   PDF

12. “Direct Molecular Diffusion and Micro-mixing for Rapid Dewatering of LiBr Solution”, S. Bigham, R. N. Isfahani, S. Moghaddam, Applied Thermal Engineering, Vol. 64 (2014) Issues 1–2, 371–375.   PDF

11. Physics of lithium bromide (LiBr) solution dewatering through vapor venting membranes”, R. N. Isfahani, A. Fazeli, S. Bigham, S. Moghaddam, International Journal of Multiphase Flow, Vol. 58 (2014) 27-38.   PDF

10. A general guide to design of falling film evaporators utilized in multi effect desalination units operating at high vapor qualities under a sub-atmospheric condition”, S. Bigham, R. Kouhikamali, M. P. Zadeh, Energy, Vol. 84 (2014) 279-288.   PDF

9• “A numerical study on natural convection heat transfer from a horizontal isothermal cylinder located underneath an adiabatic ceiling”, M. Ashjaee, S. Bigham, S. Yazdani,​ Heat Transfer Engineerig, Vol 35 (2014) Issue 10.   PDF

8• Two-phase flow numerical simulation and experimental verification of falling film evaporation on a horizontal tube bundle”, S. Bigham, R. Kouhikamali, S. M. A. Noori Rahim Abadi, Desalination and Water Treatment, published online July 2014. 

7• “Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer Simulation in a Constricted Microchannel: Effects of Rarefaction and Viscous Dissipation”, S. Bigham, H. Shokouhmand, R. N. Isfahani, S. Yazdani, Numerical Heat Transfer, Part A Applications, Vol. 59 (2012) Issue 3, 209-230.   PDF

6• “Experimental and numerical investigation on free convection from a horizontal cylinder located above an adiabatic surface”M. Ashjaee, S. Yazdani, S. Bigham, T. Yousefi,​ Heat Transfer Engineerig, Vol 33 (2012) Issue 3.   PDF

5• “Effects of Knudsen number and Geometry on gaseous flow and heat transfer in a constricted microchannel”H. Shokouhmand, S. Bigham, R. N. Isfahani, Heat and Mass Transfer, Vol. 47 (2011) Issue 2, 119-130.   PDF

4• “Numerical solution and statistical analysis for estimation of the heat flux in thermal scanning process using conjugate gradient method”, S. Yazdani, S. Bigham, J. Yazdani, J. Comput .Theor .Nanosci ,Vol. 8 (2011) Issue 4, 707-712.   PDF 

3. ​“Effects of lateral contact stiffness and geometrical parameters on torsional sensitivity of vibration modes of rectangular AFM cantilevers with sidewall”, S. Bigham, S. Yazdani, J. Yazdani, J. Comput .Theor .Nanosci, Vol. 8 (2011) Issue 7.   PDF 

2• “A theoretical model for unsteady coupled heat and mass transfer phenomena in industrial dryers”, H. Shokouhmand, S. Bigham, S. Yazdani, Heat Transfer Research, Vol. 42 (2011) Issue 5, 415-432.   PDF

1• “Slip-flow and heat transfer of gaseous flows in the entrance of a wavy microchannel”H. Shokouhmand, S. Bigham, Int. Comm. in Heat and Mass Transfer, 37 (2010) 695-702.    PDF

Book Chapters

1• Invited Book Chapter: Chapter 19: ​“Fluid flow and heat transfer analyses in curvilinear microchannels”, Sajjad Bigham and Maryam Pourhasanzadeh, Book title: “Evaporation, Condensation and Heat transfer”, ISBN: 978-953-307-0, InTech publisher, Link to the CHAPTER,   PDF 


3• 3D Microchannel Structures for Membrane Absorption/Desorption”, S. Moghaddam, S. Bigham, D. Chugh, Patent Application: WO/2015/103199.

2• “Open Absorption Cycle for Combined Dehumidification, Water Heating, and Evaporating Cooling”, S. Moghaddam, S. Bigham, D. Chugh, R. Nasr Isfahani, A. Fazeli, D. Yu, M. Mortazavi, O. Abdelaziz,​ Patent Application WO/2015/116362.    PDF 

1• Highly Compact and Efficient Plate and Frame Absorber Design”, S. Moghaddam, S. Bigham, M. Mortazavi,Patent Application UF-15794.  PENDING

Conference Papers/Technical Presentations

7• Physics of Interfacial Heat Transfer Events in Flow Boiling of FC-72 Liquid in MicrochannelsS. Bigham, S. Moghaddam​, InterPACKICNMM2015-48581, ASME InterPACK-ICNMM 2015, San Francisco, US.   PDF

6• ​Microscale Layering of Liquid and Vapor Phases Within Microstructures for Self-Regulated Flow Delivery to Local Hot Spots, A. Fazeli, S. Bigham, S. Moghaddam​, InterPACKICNMM2015-48632, ASME InterPACK-ICNMM 2015, San Francisco, US.    PDF

5• Absorption Characteristics of Multilayered Thin Lithium Bromide (LiBr) Solution Film”, M. Mortazavi, R.N. Isfahani, S. Bigham, S. Moghaddam, InterPACKICNMM2015-48225, ASME InterPACK-ICNMM 2015, San Francisco, US.    PDF

4• 3D Surface Microstructures for Micro-mixing of Lithium Bromide (LiBr) Desiccant, R.N. Isfahani, S. Bigham, W. Xing, S. Moghaddam, IMECE2014-40425, ASME 2014, Montreal, Canada.

3• Moving Beyond the Limits of Mass Transport in Liquid Absorbent Microfilms through the Implementation of Surface-Induced Vortices”, S. Bigham, S. Moghaddam,​ 12th International Conference on Nanochannels, Microchannels, and Minichannels (ICNMM2014), Paper No.: FEDSM2014-21759.

2• “Optimization of a micro gas turbine using genetic algorithm”, Maryam Pourhasanzadeh, Sajjad Bigham, ASME 2011 Turbo Expo: Turbine Technical Conference and Exposition, Pages 929-937.

1• Effects Of Entrance Region Transport Processes on Slip Flow Regime in a Wavy Wall Microchannel with Isothermally Heated Walls”, H. Shokouhmand, Sajjad Bigham, World Congress on Engineering (WCE), ICME 2010, June 30 - July 2, 2010, London, U.K. (ISBN: 978-988-17012-9-9)

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